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How to Stop Wars
and Save the World

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Lessons in Negotiation, Settlement,
and Leadership

Bob Worden

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In this new book, How to Stop Wars and Save the World, Bob Worden analyzes the conflicts which led to fighting three American wars. He reveals surprising stories which most people don’t know. Learn how to settle disputes of any kind, while learning the key facts and circumstances which ignited the Revolutionary, Civil and Vietnam wars. Using the mistakes leaders made in these conflicts,
Bob explains principles of settlement and negotiation, and demonstrates why settlement, if possible, is always preferable to going to war. Bob avoids unnecessary details and dates, and tells the stories behind the wars, captivating readers, who are fascinated to learn what these wars were all about, and why we need to settle, rather than fight, whenever possible.

Mediation resolves conflict fast.

Mediation is when a neutral person with special knowledge seeks to resolve a lawsuit or other dispute, by meeting with the parties in order to obtain a swift and fair negotiated settlement. Arbitration decides disputes with informal hearings before one arbitrator or several arbitrators.
There is no jury. Arbitration is much quicker and much less expensive that going to trial before a Court. Unlike mediation, arbitration has no negotiation. The arbitrator hears the evidence in a case and decides if there will be any award and, if so, how much the award will be.


Mediator, Arbitrator and Settlement Counsel with track record of early resolution of lawsuits, handling major cases throughout New York State. Extensive experience in high exposure, large-loss and catastrophic general liability, premises, motor vehicle and property damages claims. Areas of special interest include medical malpractice, products liability and construction accidents under New York’s Labor Law.

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