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Litigation can be slow and expensive

Attorneys fees and the retention of expert witnesses is very expensive. The New York Courts have always taken several years for cases to wind through the system, much longer if there are motions and appeals. With Covid-19, the courts have been shut down since March of 2020 with no end in sight. There will be large backlogs of cases which will slow things down even more.

Mediation and arbitration resolves conflicts fast

Mediation is when a neutral person with special knowledge seeks to resolve a lawsuit or other dispute, by meeting with the parties to the lawsuit in order to obtain a swift and fair negotiated settlement. Arbitration decides disputes with informal hearings before one arbitrator or several arbitrators. There is no jury. Arbitration is much quicker and much less expensive that going to trial before a Court. Unlike mediation, arbitration has no negotiation. The arbitrator hears the evidence in a case and decides if there will be any award and, if so, how much the award will be.

Bob Worden, Esq.

Bob is an award-winning highly experienced mediator, arbitrator, and settlement counsel.

Bob has experience with high exposure bodily injury, construction injury, medial malpractice, products liability, and fire and flood claims.

What Bob can do for you

Bob typically helps to resolve lawsuits where people claim that their injuries and/or monetary damages were caused by someone else’s negligence, lack of care, poor product design, violation of construction standards or medical malpractice.

  • Experience-based insight
  • Objective Analysis
  • Ability to persuade other parties
  • Early resolution techniques
  • Creative problem Solving
  • Works tirelessly to solve your case

Hearing Officer

National Arbitration and Mediation

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National Arbitration and Mediation

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Lawrence Worden Rainis & Bard P.C.

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A Top Ten Arbitrator in New York State

For the third consecutive year in 2020, Bob Worden Esq. was voted a Top Ten Arbitrator in New York State by the New York Law Journal Best of Survey.

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July 3, 2018

Early Mediation Yields Superior Results in Many Cases

Mediation is inherently a win-win proposition. All sides to a dispute need to gain something for a mediation to be successful. Why participate if there is nothing in it for you? But too many times, parties don’t think about mediation until years after the litigation has been filed.

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