Bob Worden, Esq.

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Award Winning Mediator and Arbitrator

Bob Worden

Bob Worden, Esq.

Bob is an award winning mediator and arbitrator.

His careful analysis of detail, combined with his ability to explain complex situations simply and effectively, with fairness, good humor and consideration for all, make him a top choice to mediate disputes.

After decades of litigating in the Courts, representing individuals, insurance companies and corporations, Bob Worden became a Mediator, gratified to help settle lawsuits and eliminate the waste and pain of going to Court. Bob also became a reader of history, willing to wade through lengthy academic histories that bore most people, to find out what really happened that led to the fighting. Bob found that there were great similarities in the conflicts that led to these American wars with the conflicts that drive lawsuits. At the same time, recognizing that most people are turned off by the dates and events that they were forced to memorize in school, Bob wanted to share what he learned, to make it easy for his readers to know the key people, situations and the arguments which ignited the war of the Revolution, the Civil war and the Vietnam war.

Bob explains the stories of these wars in an entertaining, very readable way. Most readers will be happy to finally understand what these wars were all about. Observing that the political issues we deal with today are similar to those in dispute since America began, Bob explains the qualities which his readers should look for, to help choose better leaders going forward. How to Stop Wars and Save the World is a good choice for college-level courses and for anyone who wants to become better at resolving disputes early, avoiding unnecessary expense and the risks of continuing to fight. It is also a good choice for students who want an engaging way to learn about these American wars, providing the perspective missing in most textbooks.